>> Please submit all commission requests and comments about the artwork to: daniel@strickart.com

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>>12.20.2004 - For this week's update, I bring you another of Daniel's commissioned portraits. Be on the lookout for some more sketches and character designs in the future, as he is working on a new story!
>>11.22.2004 - Today I have the colored version of the Signs of the Zodiac character designs to share with you! Also, check them out for a special bonus character!
>>11.12.2004 - Daniel has completed another series of characteristically diverse character designs. Completed in Photoshop, it is my opinion that these pieces demonstrate his sound understanding of color theory.
>>10.22.2004 - The long wait is over! I bring you the complete short comic, Salvia Divinorum! Daniel continues work on commissions and has plans to ink and color some of his character designs.